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  • STARRING : Anna Kay, Aria Aspen, Bella Reese, Bibi, Daniela Diamond, Diana Doll, Veronica Rodriguez
    STUDIO : In The Vip | RELEASED : 07/2012
    AVI 702.8 MB / 702.3 MB / 698.5 MB

    In The Vip 12: Group Sex Party Footage Direct From The Hottest Clubs! The Women Get Wild And Horny All Night Long! Exclusive V.I.P. PartiesMIND BLOWING Mind blowing is an understatement for this party. Bella and Bibi tried to rip off Jmac`s pants off before the rest of the party even got into the club. They didn`t need any drinks to loosen up. These ladies wanted to fuck and suck immediately. There was a flavor for all types and they showed their loved for everybody.PARTY PUSSY Everybody loves pussy! It`s even better when you have a pussy party. Our ladies were all about pussy at this party. The party was for pleasuring the pussy more then the cock, but the cock got it`s fair share of attention. There was more pussy than cock, which is a real good thing. Our wild bunch entered the club the same way they left, half naked with big smiles.CUM CRAZY I think we might need to get a bigger Hummer. The ladies piled out into the club with big smiles and bigger tits with sexy curves. The ladies got so hot and horny being in the VIP. Anna Kay and her friend got their pussies pounded so good they are probably still tender. Even after he blew his load all over them, other girls were asking for leftovers. Get inside the VIP and be a King of the club. GOLD AND SILVERWe stepped into the future with some silver and gold sexy outfits. The styling dance party turned into an all-out fuck fest. We had to bring in some back up for Jmac and Brannon because the ladies just want more cock. Even with the extra guys, some of the ladies still didn`t get their fill. They were still happy as can be. You have to see the bodies getting fucked at this party. There is no other place to be when you are in the VIP.

    In The VIP 12

    In The VIP 12

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