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  • STARRING : Britney Stevens, Kylee Strutt, Memphis Monroe, Nadia Styles, Sienna West, Sinthyia Fix, Tanya James
    STUDIO : Brazzers | RELEASED : 01/2009
    AVI 699.1 MB / 691.5 MB

    Doctor Adventures 3: Jordan can`t stop thinking about Dr. West`s big tits. To his surprise, she asks him to drop his pants so she can wrap her big tits around his c*ck! Mark keeps waking up with c*ck pains and doesn`t know why. It turns out he has been f*cking the doctor but doesn`t remember it! Keiran hurt his back f*cking his wife and goes to see Dr. Fix. She cures his back and gives his big dick an oral exam! While getting a tooth pulled, Danny dreams of f*cking Dr. James` tight wet p*ssy. When he wakes up, his dream becomes a reality. Dr. Monroe is fed up with Dr. Lee. She gets so angry that she demands he f*ck her and f*ck her good. She is really pleased with Dr. Lee`s performance. It`s Nadia`s first day and she is not doing a good job. Jordan threatens to tell her boss so Nadia gives him a blowjob. Nadia`s boss catches them and shows Nadia how to do it right! 2009 AVN Winner: Best New Video Production Company

    Doctor Adventures 3

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