The Senator's Speech XXX DVDRip x264
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發布時間 : 2016.08.30 23:33
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STARRING : Abby Cross, Bianca Breeze, Georgia Jones, Jenna Sativa, Val Dodds
STUDIO : Girlsway Productions
RELEASED : 07/2016
Description : Starring Bianca Breeze, Abby Cross & Georgia Jones!
Senator Bianca Breeze is in the hot seat, her subjects are getting ready to vote, and she needs to make an impact that will influence them to her side. Control at any cost is very important to her and her assistant Abby Cross knows this, leeching off her boss' evident curiosity with her soft, feminine body, and her wet pussy. Bianca isn't above doing things the dirty way to meet her ambitious political goals. So, when the rival media shows up asking for an interview, she lays some ground rules, to ensure her influence. But, when the rules are thrown out the window, Bianca has no choice but to use her status and her expert lesbian seduction techniques to convince Georgia Jones of her political merit, using her powerful horny tongue to give Ms. Jones the primal girl-on-girl orgasm she never dreamed her conservative values would allow.
A Girlsway Film.
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The Senators Speech XXX DVDRip x264
The Senators Speech XXX DVDRip x264

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