My Wife Is A Swinger XXX DVDRip x264
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STARRING : Brittany Bardot, Bryan De Ferro, Cara St Germain, Kira Queen, Nick Moreno, Pablo Ferrari, Subil Arch, Victoria Summers
STUDIO : Marc Dorcel
RELEASED : 05/2016
Description : Encouraged by her best friend, this beautiful mature blonde decides to go for it. Swinging will help her refine her sexual prowess and discover ways to reach orgasm which she didn`t even know existed. It`s the start of a completely different life for her. Her first foray into swinging starts with a particularly wild lesbian encounter with Cara, the au pair. Under the astounded gaze of her husband, she makes the young woman cum several times before throwing herself into a supercharged threesome in the middle of the garden. She only thinks of one thing now: going even further and pushing the limits. But where will this quest for pleasure end?
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My Wife Is A Swinger XXX DVDRip x264


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