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  • STARRING : Abbey Brooks, Avy Scott, Courtney Cummz, Janine Lindemulder, Jayden James, Kagney Linn Karter, Rachel Starr
    STUDIO : Brazzers | RELEASED : 07/2010
    AVI 701.3 MB / 700.1 MB

    Pornstars Like It Big 9: 'Cock Of Immunity'
    In the not so distant future a terrible plague has beset the world's female pornstars. They can no longer get horny and their pussies can't get wet. Who can save them?
    'Fuck Me Tender'
    Courtney is about to marry a guy with a small dick. When she notices that the Elvis impersonator who is going to marry them has a big dick, she wants it.
    'Mind Over Cock'
    Avy Scott is a nymphomaniac with telekinetic powers and the only thing that can cure her is the same thing that ails her...big cock!
    'That 70's Porn'
    Jayden loves being a porn star and always makes fun of the porn made in the 70's. She changes her mind when she is transported back to 1975.
    'Summoning The Big Cocks'
    Janine's pornstar career hasn't been living up to her expectations. She finds a Ouija board while cleaning and tries to summon up a giant cock to fuck her.

    Pornstars Like It Big 9

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