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  • From: Digital Playground
    Release Date: 02-22-2019
    Runtime: 36 min
    Kaylani Lei & Xander Corvus
    Chrissy Davis is the talk of the town following a very public mental breakdown and first-degree murder charge. She’s quickly alienated by her high society friends and left alone to suffer in silence as she plots her revenge. An insanity plea grants Chrissy her freedom and she gets to work on her deviant revenge plan – whipping up a batch of mind-altering diet bars tailored made to bring out the worst in her backstabbing friends. News of Chrissy’s release travels fast and the other women go wild gossiping, but they don’t expect to run into Chrissy anytime soon. When Chrissy shows up unannounced at Ali Addison’s doorstep peddling diet bars, Ali takes pity on her ex-friend and accepts some samples to distribute amongst the rest of the group. Little do they know, Chrissy tampered with the goods, sending the clique on a legendary killing spree that’ll captivate the world for years to come!
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